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In Memory

Phyllis Yambrisak
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04/11/22 07:34 PM #1    

Kerry McGinty (Sadler)

Everyone should have a comment posted when they pass, so here is mine. 
I don't remember if I had any classes with Phyllis so I don't think I knew her,  I do remember passing her in the halls usually by herself, I feel bad that I never stopped to say hello or ask how is your day or let's sit together at lunch, I guess my "confession " is I never took the time to be kind to someone who seemed to be alone, it wouldn't have cost a dime but kindness is priceless.  
I hope you had a good life Phyllis and I'm sorry you died too soon. 



04/13/22 08:42 PM #2    

Barb Rogers (Denbow)

Kerry, you are so right that everyone deserves recognition.   I really appreciate your post - your honesty and heartfelt wishes for Phyllis' life.  We were all so young and insecure in high school.  We often didn't know how to go out of our way to be kind to someone we didn't know well.  (Pam Leonard and I were just talking and she probably said it best... we were just stupid !)

Anyway, I checked out our '68 Senior Guide and Phyllis was not pictured (or mentioned as "not pictured").  She may have moved away during that year.  She was, however, pictured with our junior class in the '67 Guide.  I will try to figure out how to capture a picture of her to post.   In looking through the yearbook I noticed she was in Arrowettes, Junior Tri-Hi Y, and the French Club.  She may have been in other activities as well.  If anyone has memories of Phyllis, I'd love to hear them. 


04/14/22 04:49 PM #3    

Jeff Ewing

Well said everyone.  This cries out for my favorite profound movie quote:

"I read in a book once that 67% of people die when nobody's looking. What I never could find out was how many people lived while nobody's watching. But I guess they don't print stuff like that".


04/20/22 07:30 AM #4    

Nancy Wasen

Here's something that won't make me very popular but Phyllis wasn't part of the "in" Crowd. Right? Some in school were just plain entitled. Here's my story. I was 10 when we moved a few blocks to the top of Morgan Ave. I got invited to a slumber party (I am leaving names out so don't sweat it). We went to the movies and then back to the person's home for pizza (it was her birthday) and the sleep over. As we drifted off to sleep, the birthday girl was the first to zzz. As soon as she did, some of the guests began to talk about her. Right there in her own home and on her birthday! I called my mom and said I was sick and to come get me. 

That's when I distanced myself from the clique. I had some friends in high school and they are still my friends but I found my people when I started hanging out in Mansfield at the teen clubs. Those friends are still my closest friends. There was no judging. 

And to add to the story, two years ago I went to visit my 5th grade teacher at Brethern Care. We had a great talk and she asked me if I remembered when I went to that slumber party? I was floored that she remembered. She then informed me that She had told the mom that I should be included, as we had moved into the nieghborhood.So there you go.  

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